Dragons are not necessarily evil beings, but tend to be selfish and insular. They are long-lived and do not care for the petty bickering between other mortals, and instead focus on amassing wealth and power for themselves (or whatever personal goals that they have set for themselves). Their long lifespan means that they do not have to act rashly, and so they build their power up over decades and centuries. Unless there is a big threat or a good opportunity, Dragons will tend to not make too much trouble.

The Kobolds revere and fanatically serve their Dragon masters in the vain hope that they will be raised up by their Draconic overlord. Some of the most devout have been known to take on the elemental aspect of their master; not much is known how this is possible. However, where ever Kobolds are to be found then it is almost certain that a Dragon is nearby.

The Gods have about as much influence on the Dragons as other mortals; they can devoutly follow them or ignore them. If a Dragon supports a God then it will usually be a God who shares an aspect with the Dragon (since Dragons are proud beings and would see themselves as being related to the Divine).

Dragon Types

The main difference between the two main types of dragons is their appearance. Chromatic Dragons have a non-glossy, matte-like coloured scales while Metallic Dragons have glossy, shiny coloured scales. Chromatic Dragons also tend to be larger and stronger, and hence more ferocious and likely to give combat. Metallic Dragons are usually more intelligent and cunning, and would try to seek advantage before starting a combat encounter.

Chromatic Dragons
  • Black breathes Acid, lives in Swamps, and prefers Onyx. Tend towards being avid gamblers and love to hunt. They prefer to ambush when fighting, and will retreat as soon as the fight does not bode well for them. They are are excellent swimmers, and consider Green Dragons natural enemies. They have two large horns that start from the sides and project forward.
  • Blue breathes Lightning, lives in Coastal Caves, and prefers Sapphires. Extremely vain and prideful even among other dragons, they enjoy showcasing their power over ‘lesser’ beings. They are excellent manipulators and generally the most organised and fastidious of all the chromatic dragons. They excel at aerial combat and spell-craft, and are known to bring down sailing ships when they sail too close to their lair.
  • Green breathes Poison, lives in Forests, and prefers Emeralds. Extremely territorial and defensive, Green dragons are known to attack without warning any being that enters it’s territory without permission (including other Dragons). Green Dragons are always getting into fights with Elves and Black Dragons. However, Green Dragons are known to negotiate territorial rights but are pedantic when it comes to the interpretation of those rules. They rival Blue Dragons when it comes to the mastery of the magic arts.
  • Red breathes Fire, lives in Mountains, and prefers Rubies. The Red Dragons tend to be the largest of the all the Dragons, and the fiercest. They are known to be especially ambitious, and few Red dragons can rival Demons and Devils in raw power. The Red Dragon will tend to use minions and underlings to do their bidding, but will intervene and display their power when their plans are being threatened.
  • White breathes Frost, lives in Cold Climates, and prefers Diamonds. Usually the smallest of the Chromatic Dragons due to the lack of food in it’s natural climate. They tend to be survivalists, and can endure more pain and suffering that any of the other Dragons. Out of all the chromatic dragons, Whites are more likely to use guile and schemes to achieve their ends.
Metallic Dragons
  • Brass breathes Sleep Gas, lives in Deserts, and prefers treasures of stone and clay. The smallest of all the dragons, the Brass Dragons tries to avoid any type of conflict, and if forced to fight will try to put their opponents to sleep and then sneak away. They like to live in the middle of deserts to make it especially hard to reach them, and are risk-averse.
  • Bronze breathes Lightning, lives along Rivers, and prefers Magical artifacts. Some say that Ioun fashioned the Bronze dragons in his own image, as these dragons revere invention and the arcane arts. They tend to be scholars and enchanters rather than spellcasters, and they are always seeking the rarest of magical and technological artifacts.
  • Copper uses Thunder (sonic reverberations), lives in Grassy Plains, and prefers coins. The Copper Dragon prefers to live in hills or mountains near grassy plains, using it’s thunder breathe to knock over and stun prey. They are excellent tacticians, using hit-and-run tactics to keep enemies off guard.
  • Gold breathes Light/Radiant, live almost anywhere secluded, and prefers religious or cultural artifacts. The most intelligent of all the Dragons, they tend to see themselves as the divine arbiters of justices on the mortal plane. They usually any God (even the evil ones) to suit their purpose. They usually try to rule over other sentient beings or act as advisors or guardians of Kings and Rulers.
  • Silver breathes Frost, lives underneath cities or close to urban centers, and prefers Jewelry or Artwork. Some say that the Silver Dragon was crafted by Korellon, as the silver dragon is known to be a lover of anything beautiful. They are drawn to cultural centres and seek priceless treasures and artworks, but are easily angered when something does not live up to it’s high standard of “beauty”.

Known Dragons

  • Aussiraesthyr (White Woman): A young female dragon that had taken over Castle Trommer in Dessingrove county, Kingdom of Kelerak. Went missing during the Undead assault of the castle, and was finally killed by the Soulmancer.


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