Keleraki Civil War

The Keleraki Civil War is important because it brought about the death of the Old Pantheon, and in it’s place rose the Stellum Albius, or White Star faith. At the head of this change was Artor Keler-Vonstahp, who was a bastard of a distant cousin to the old royal Keleraki bloodline. It is through the Herald Artor that all mortals can now clearly see the True Path and can reach salvation.

In the year 618 a.f. the old King Joyce Keler II was assassinated by unknown forces, leaving behind his young daughter Princess Sefora. The child monarch was deemed to be too young to rule alone, so the nobles fought among themselves to secure the power of Regent. The chaos of the nobility threw the whole nation into turmoil.

There were two powerful claimants for the position of Regent. One was the late King’s brother (and the young Queen’s uncle), Prince Dendy Keler, who was an extraordinarily accomplished strategist and military commander. His rival was the King’s own bastard, Josef Black, who had risen despite his bastard birth to lead the Justicars.

Josef Black had complete control of the Justicars, a nation-wide para-military force dedicated to fighting off monstrosities and keeping the land safe. In addition he had the majority of support among the nobility, chief among them the Duke Brevish of Wyvernia . At the moments of the King’s death, Josef took immediate control of the capital city and the young Queen Sefora.

Prince Dendy was incensed at Josef’s actions, as the regency should have been his by right. When his claims fell upon deaf ears in the capital, the Prince amassed his veteran armies in the north and prepared to lay siege to the capital. His warriors were battle-hardened due to extensive campaigns to tame the wild lands to the north of Kelerak.

Kelerak was in peril. Not only was it in Civil War, but it was being threatened by an Orc invasion, an undead menace and a curious incursion by squid-faced abominations from what appeared to be another dimension. The people were beginning to lose hope, and they fled in droves to whatever safe harbour they could find.

Within this chaos a hero emerge. Artor Keler-Vonstahp was an accomplished wizard, who had been studying other dimensions at the time of the incursion by the squid-faced abominations. He was able to use his powers to collapse the whole cavern network that the abominations had made, and quickly gained a following from the soldiers who thought they would surely die to the brain-sucking abominations.

In it’s place the Stellum Albius imposed the True Path upon it’s subjects

The True God revealed himself during a pitched battle during the Civil War, and in doing so raised the Herald up to help us keep on the Path.

Keleraki Civil War

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