The Order

The Order is a newly founded independant Knight’s Order that was created by the Count of Dessingrove as propaganda to convince the locals that the up-and-coming heroes were here to stay and protect them.

Knight Council

  1. Dendy Jeri: General Administration
  2. Arkaxus
  3. Sanctus
  4. Grimbold Kunt
  5. Joco: Representative of Mages and Bards
  6. Skanut Orkiman: Scout / Head Hunter and head of Orc contingent
  7. Sir Dorgrim Ironhide: Castle Engineer and chief of Ironhide clan


Population count: 250

HUMAN: 100
ORC: 56
ELF: 5


  • The order is militant in nature, and will prefer to use force in pursuit of it’s goals
  • The offer of a Knightship will involve a 1st Trial, an Apprenticeship, a 2nd Trial, and then Council Approval (although there are emergency contingencies)
  • No tax is to be gathered. A Tax-Free haven.
  • Orcs are to be used primarily as Scouts and Hunters, and should be placed outside the walls
  • Kobolds are to be used as Trappers and Crafters, working alongside the Dwarves to improve Fortifications
  • There is to be no conscription, but a Town Militia instead (paid work)
  • The Priests have a rotating roster, and no deity should have pre-eminence in the chapel

Notable People

Name Description
Alain of the Shadows Human spymaster
Boback Shady human character that is the contact of Grimbold.
Doldric Halfling steward. Rescued prisoner of Numenor the Necromancer.
Dorial Disgraced human Bard from Dragonspur who is in charge of creating a Bard College
Dustim of the Northern Teeth Sergeant-at-arms. Rescued dwarf prisoner of Numenor the Necromancer.
Edwark (Priest) Human Priest of Kord.
Gartibel (Priest) Human Priest of Bahumat who provides oversight on portal research and has access to the spirit of Orvaxis
Harandan the Herbalist Half-Elf Alchemist
Heyleven the Smith Dwarvish smith
Kandiron (Priest) Human priest of the Raven Queen
Ondare of the Black Wood Ambassador and Diplomat. Rescued Elvish prisoner of Numenor the Necromancer.
Silent Ones Human prisoners that had their tongues cut out by Numenor the Necromancer. The are identified by the colour of their clothes (Brown/Grey/White/Black/Yellow)
Sir Orvham Ironhide Dwarf Knight
Sir Paul Redshirte Human Knight
Snap, Crackle and Pop Kobold merchants (specialise in magical items)
Talaedora Elf Wizard and scholar in charge of portal research

The Order

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