ServiceWage per day/weekNotes
Acolyte1 GPHelps out with religious tasks
Alchemist1 GPCreates potions
Ambassador2 GPUnderstands the delicate business of diplomancy
Animal Trainer/Groom0.15 GPTrains a variety of animals
Apprentice Spellcaster1 GPNovice in the arcane arts
Architect/Engineer0.6 GPBuilds bridges and buildings
Artisan/Craftsperson (generic)0.3 GPArts and Crafts
Armourer0.5 GPRepairs shields and armour
Bartender / Innkeeper0.2 GPManages an Inn or Tavern
Boatwight0.5 GPMakes boats
Bowyer0.4 GPCreates bows and arrows
Butler0.5 GPManages a household
Carpenter0.45 GPWorks with wood
Clerk/Scribe0.4 GPWrites Notations & letters
Companion0.4 GPSomeone willing to spend intimate time
Cook0.1 GPCooks food in an inn
Doctor2 GPTrained in the healing arts and surgery
Entertainer/Performer/Minstrel0.3 GPJugglers, Singers, Bards
Guard0.2 GPProtects houses and watches buildings
Healer0.6 GPCan provide first aid, but not extensive medical treatment
House-servant0.15 GPLaundry, cleaning and other chores
Huntsman0.15 GPWorks and survives in the wild
Jeweler1.5 GPWorks with gemstones
Labourer0.1 GPUsed for menial tasks
Lawyer / Advocate0.7 GPArgues for clients in trials and court. Useful for any legal matters
Leatherworker0.5 GPWorks with leather
Librarian0.4 GPCatalogs books
Mason0.35 GPWorks with stone
Mercenary Captain/Officer0.6 GPVeteran leader of mercenaries
Mercenary Battle-mage2 GPWar-focused spellcaster
Mercenary Heavy0.3 GPHeavily armoured warrior
Mercenary Horseman0.4 GPStandard Cavalry
Mercenary Soldier0.2 GPLightly armoured with Swords, Bows, Spears or Axes
Sage1.5 GPKnowledgeable wise-man
Ship sailors0.2 GPRows the boat and other duties
Stablehand0.2 GPGrooms and cares for animals
Smith0.45 GPWorks with metals
Tailor0.35 GPMakes clothes
Weaver0.35 GPMakes cloth
Valet/Lackey0.2 GPPersonal body-servant

Equipping soldiers

The table above only deals with hiring people and you will still need to purchase the facilities and equipment for them.

Archer88 GPLeather Armour, Longbow, 20 arrows, dagger
Cavalry, Light315 GPLight warhorse with studded leather barding, scale mail armour, large wooden shield, lance, flail
Cavalry, Heavy1,292 GPHeavy warhorse with chainmail barding, chainmail armour, large wooden shield, lance, longsword
Horse Archer216 GPLight warhorse, studded leather armour, shortbow, 20 arrows, short sword
Infantry, light72 GPScale mail armour, large wooden shield, longsword
Infantry, heavy222 GPChainmail armour, large wooden shield, longsword
Officer237 GPPlate, steel shield, longsword, dagger
Skirmisher86 GPStudded Leather armourf, buckler, short-bow, 20 arrows, scimitar


NamePriceDaily UpkeepNotes
Common20 GP0.05 GPUsed for labour and chores
Gladiator200 GP0.5 GPTrained for combat, highly skilled warriors suitable as bodyguards (if trusted)
Household50 GP0.05 GPSkilled slaves that are usually in charge of other slaves. Can usually read, write and speak other languages
Specialised250 GP0.1 GPEducated slaves in a certain trade

Bonded slaves were sold into slavery to pay off their debts. They are indebted only as long as their contract holds out.


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